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I am Teresa also known as "Ozioma" of Igboland meaning "Good News" of Igoboland". In 2007, I joined Father Paul Ogoke on a missionary trip to Ehime MBANO, Imo State Nigeria. My plan was to stay as an independent missionary for a few months, but what I witnessed shook me to my core. Suffering and dying from treatable diseases that could be easily prevented if they had access to clean water and basic health support. I have answered God's calling and for the last ten years I have helped support the incredible people in the Imo State.



Identify areas most affected by water problems and provide sources of portable water to the rural people. Offer education on consequences of consuming contaminated water.


Provide preventative health care education, basic medical treatment to the poor, including wound care and free screening of diseases, in-home care to those confined to their homes, comfort measures for dying and bedridden people and educate their families on caring for them, self-sustaining mobile clinics utilizing trained volunteers, and spiritual support.



Train volunteers to provide basic medical screening, preventive health education and wound care. Organize health care seminars and talks in the villages and urban schools, market places, town halls, clinics, churches.

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