Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation

"When ever one performs a single mitzvah (act of kindness), it tips the balance of one's merits and that of the entire world to the side of merit and brings deliverace and salvation to oneself and to others." 
   -  Book of Teshuva 
    This is implied in the teaching in Proverbss (10:25) '"A righteous person is the foundation of the world; meaning, one who acts righteosly, tips the balance of the entire world and saves it."
     Rabbi Uri


October 22, 2011

Blessings and Peace to You,


It has been a busy four months since my return to the US.

     To begin with the more difficult news in my update to you all:
Medwish International, which accepts and distributes used medical equipment and supplies to countries in need, is an organization that I have been blessed to work with for the past few years. A shipment of a 20 ft by 20 ft by 20ft container was to be shipped last month thru Medwish and a private donor was to pay the shipping costs to Lagos.  For unknown reasons, and to my great disappointment,  the donor backed out at the last minute and it is no longer possible for me to ship  the container.   Our disappointments can be God's appointments.  It turns a hospital closed in the Ohio area where Medwish is based and a new supply of equipment was sent to them.  To my pleasure there were labor and delivery tables, which are needed for the health care center.  Ozioma Hope for Wellness Corp. will be working on picking out supplies to now send either 2 or 3 pallets of equipment and supplies thru Medwish.  (For more information and to support Medwish International, please visit www.medwish.org )
     It has also been a difficult year in fundraising for Ozioma Hope for Wellness Corporation. Much of my efforts have been put towards finding a doctor or organization to help Emmanuel. And I am sorry to say that no positive response has come from the effort thus far. Emmanuel’s condition is grave, and I have been unable to find assistance.

    As I said, it has been a difficult year, but as I have seen in the people of Nigeria, hope and faith allow you to prevail, stay positive and move forward. Not in my time, but God’s.

    That being said, I will now share the more hopeful updates:First off, the work of spreading the message and mission of Ozioma has begun to take to new heights by my appearance on radio and television, along with the wonderful sermon of a wonderful Rabb.

     On September 1st I was Dick Murphey’s guest on WXBR AM 1460. It was my first radio broadcast for Ozioma, and the 2 ½ hour call-in broadcast was an uplifting and great experience. Dick and his co-host Jack were a pleasure, and I was able to reach a new audience.  After the positive feedback of the radio show, I was invited to be on their Local News Broadcast, which aired the week of September 26th. 

    On Yom Kippur, my nephew Rabbi Uri Toplosky,  (www.BethIsraelNOLA.com )  spoke on "The Butterfly Effect" focusing on my work and lifestraws. As I read the sermon, it is amazing to read of all of the people who were able to make the work and mission of Ozioma possible. I am happy to send the sermon if any one would like.  

   Secondly, while it has been difficult raising direct funds for Ozioma, there have been a few monetary donations and numerous donations of clothes, toys and basic medical supplies for the people. These donations allowed me to send four large duffle bags to my villages last week. I hope and pray they will arrive safely and completely before my arrival at the start of December.

     Thirdly, I am happy to tell you of the volunteers who have come about since my last newsletter. A dear friend, Christine, will be traveling with me this year, to work with the children in my villages. Additionally, my nephew CJ and his friend will be coming next year to organize soccer (football) teams in the villages incorporating "Wellness" into their drills and overall message.

     And just last week, a woman volunteered to host a fundraiser that aims to raise the funds to assist in the cost of shipping 2 or 3 pallets of medical supplies from Medwish to Lagos (which I spoke of at the start of this letter), and in purchasing Lifestraws and mosquito nets from Vestergaard Frandsen www.vestergaard-frandsen.com 
      And so, it is with a grateful heart, that I want to thank Medwish International, Gerry Jira, the children at St. Barnabas school and their teacher Sherry, Anele in Nigeria, Mike, Boutros, Melissa, Anne Marie, Christine and all of you who have gone beyond your comfort zones to help me. I also ask that any one who is able to please donate to Ozioma Hope for Wellness Corporation, even the smallest donation makes such a difference in the work I am doing.

 My prayers for you are always included in daily mass.


All my love- which is a portion of God's love,

Ozioma of Igboland


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