Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

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“One would give generous alms if one had the eyes to see the beauty of a cupped receiving hand.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

July 31, 2013

“One would give generous alms if one had the eyes to see the beauty of a cupped receiving hand.”
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dearest Family and Friends,
Here is our mission trip told through pictures taken over the 3 months I was there. Two volunteers came along for a month - CJ my nephew who came last year and his friend Adam.  They were a blessing and gave so much love and received so much love, which Adam wrote about in his newsletter he sent upon his return.  It was a shorter mission trip for me than usual as I was due back for a very special occasion - MY OLDEST SON GERRY'S WEDDING!!!  It was a beautiful wedding and I thank God for my safe return, so that I could be a part of their celebration of marriage.

March 1- May 1, 2013 Mission Trip 



Checking in at the Delta counter with 9 bags of medical supplies, water purifiers, clothes etc . CJ returned for his second time  with his friend Adam.


Waiting for our flight which was cancelled due to maintenance problems with the aircraft. We had to stay overnight in Boston to take a early morning flight, Unfortunately this caused us to miss our connection flight from Lagos to Imo State.  Be that as it may,  I thank God for our safe arrival.


Delivering some hospital equipment to a nearby private hospital. Emmanuel noticed through the rear view mirror that we had lost one of our mattresses and so they walked back to retrieve it. Thank you Emmanuel!


CJ, Adam, myself and some children bringing one of the many wheelchair's to someone housebound. The red bag is file with water bottles from the well Fr. Godwin put in this past year for the villagers. It will be used by the man receiving the wheelchair to soak his diabetic foot ulcer after is mother boils the water and lets it cool down. The man’s blood sugar registered high on the glucometer and is now taking insulin and having dressing changes two times a day. His foot and two toes are in grave condition. I am working closely with a Dr. to monitor his progress and sugar levels. He eventually was hospitalized near the end of my stay.


Children helping me bring another wheelchair to a woman who had suffered a stroke. the children love to help me and I love their help. They teach me IGBO as we trek along the roads. 


One of many canes given to people in the villages I live in. Before this man used a stick from the farm as his walking stick. He loved the 4 prong bottom of the cane stating it made him feel more steady. He is one of many stroke victims in my villages, which sadly could possibly have been prevented with screening. People had no means of checking their Blood Pressures unless they went to a hospital which they couldn't afford.  Now thanks to all of you, they receive free screening in many areas. 


Dr. Emeka Nkume from Nkume Traditional Bone Healing Hospital with CJ, Adam and I, along with some of his patients that received crutches and bandages. Dr. Emeka had surprised us with some beautiful traditional wear.


The gentleman who was given the wheelchair and water bottles in a previous picture is hospitalized here at People’s Community Hospital in Ihitteafoukwu Ahiazu Mbaise L.G. A.   He stayed for up to two months, receiving 3 blood transfusions and had surgery to amputate 2 of his toes, at no charge.  Dr. Silas saved his leg and his life!  This hospital is very close to the villages I work in.  Dr. Silas allows me to bring patients who are in need of medical treatment to his hospital.  He refuses no one and treats them even if they have no means of payment.  GOD BLESS YOU DR. SILAS! You are a gift to us.


CJ, Adam and I having a little fun after a long hot day. This is a few days before they would return to the USA. They brought much love and care to all they met.


Going over a broken bridge to see the only water source this village has. Many cases of diarrheal diseases due to the contaminated condition of the water. Education on preventing water borne diseases were given to the people of this village for two days, along with some purifying water buckets and mosquito nets.


A child coming back from fetching some of the water. He will trek about 1 1/12 miles to his hut and then return to fill another jerry can of water. This village is in desperate need of a well.


A husband and wife receiving one of the many Sawyer water purifying filtration system we brought. See www.sawyer.com  for more information.


Children retrieving water from the well Fr. Godwin put in the village this past year. God Bless You Fr. Godwin for clean, safe drinking water.


One of the many smiles and greetings I receive every day as I pass someone by.


Two women waiting to have their Blood Pressures and Sugar Levels checked. The woman on the left is blind and she loves to sing with me.


Children waiting with me for a Dr. that does free outreach with me. They will be checked for symptoms of worms, diarrheal diseases, malaria and malnutrition and treated medically as needed.


Children I met along the road.


A chemist in the nearby market is learning to use a Blood Pressure machine for her practice. Most of the chemists do not have a BP machine and are giving out tylenol for headaches instead of checking first to see if the complaint is due to High Blood Pressure - a dangerous error with severe complications, even death.   Diabetic Blood Sugar machines were also given out this year to many volunteers. along with diet education. By volunteers I mean they do not charge anyone that comes for screening only for medicine if needed.


Here is a log this chemist and many others will be keeping.


Another volunteer who will check BP readings in her surrounding village.  She is not a chemist, and was trained on using the machine and educated on signs and symptoms and diet. She herself is suffering from High Blood Pressure. The first time I met her her reading was 170/96. Her blood pressure is being maintained by diet, medicine and visits to the medical Dr. that works with me. She is a young mother of two children.


I’m off to the market on a okada, the taxi service available in the villages!!!


Children  coming back from school and the farm that I met along the road. They are both in their school uniforms.


A group of children in the village that received a soccer ball ("football" as it is called in Nigeria). This was one of nine that CJ brought to distribute to the children. Thank you CJ!


One of the many children that received  new clothes and shoes thanks to Melissa and Bob who each year donates suitcases of new clothes, jewelry and shoes. It is such a awesome feeling to give clothes that have never been worn before. with the price tags on them.  Thank you Melissa and Bob!


One of the many people that received reading glasses thanks to Randolph Eye Association in Massachusetts.  This is the second year they have donated glasses. Thank you R.E.A.  The expression on the people’s faces when they find a pair of glasses that they can see with is priceless. What a gift, the gift of sight and reading.


These woman showing off their bible covers donated to me by my sister Helen. Many people received her covers and were very grateful. They are avid readers of the bible and always bring them to church.  Also these woman are among many who received rosary beads donated by Holy Cross Family Ministries in Easton, MA. This year 800 were donated by them and distributed freely throughout the villages and on Mothers Day at Mass by Fr. Godwin and I.


Saying goodbye during mass at St. Lawrence Catholic Church on my last Sunday before returning to USA.   Fr. Godwin and the parishioners sent me off with a special blessing and prayer service.


 Upon my return to the villages, I will be residing in the rectory I have stayed in the last 2 years and have been offered a residents quarters of my own by the Dr. who admits and treats my patients according to their financial ability. I will not be working for or in the hospital, I will continue the outreach in the villages. 
  I pray, by the GRACE OF GOD and through GENEROUS DONATIONS that we can raise over $60,000.  The money raised will go towards good hospital equipment, for the hospital I will be residing in and our continued outreach in NSU, Ehime MBANO L.G. A. and the surrounding villages.  I cannot do it alone, I humbly ask you to sacrifice and give so that others may LIVE! 
Please continue to pray for us as we are praying for all of you.

All my love,
which is a portion of God's love
Donations may be given through the web site or may be sent to: 
Ozioma Hope for Wellness Corp.
PO Box 933
Stoughton, MA  02072

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