Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation

Still in the U.S.


June 29, 2007   


Blessings everyone,

    I am still in the U.S. and have been working on trying to umbrella into a non-profit organization  that will accept donations specific for my villagers. To date, all have declined, as they do not offer support in my villages. Each organization has refered me to another, this is disheartening for me and confirms what I wrote in one of my newsletters; that to my knowledge, these people receive no aid from any relief organizations.  I trust this will change with God's intervention and guidance.
   I had researched the possibility of starting my own non-profit organizationand which, if approved, could take up to a year or more.  This option is not feesible, as time is of the essence... the people in my villages are SUFFERING IMMENSELY AND ARE DYING ON A DAILY BASIS!!

   Each time I feel a little disheartened, God surprises me with hope and reassurance that I do not walk this journey alone. Just the other morning I met a man from the IBO tribe named, Obiewkwe (which means "good news" in IBO, the same meaning as my name- Ozioma).  He has graciously offered to help me and will introduce me to someone who may have answers to my questions regarding visa options.  I am grateful for his enthusiasm and loving heart.  As a dear friend of mine once said to me, "God be slow, but He always be on time", for I had hoped to have had my visa by now and would be able to accept non-profit donations.  I trust this will come to be, in God's time.
   I thank you, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, for the donations I have received from you.  As I await for non-profit accessibility, your donations  will buy basic medical supplies- ie. blood pressure machines, bandages, medicine- ie. tylenol, advil, vitamins, antacids, eyedrops, anticeptic ointments etc.,  which I will bring back with me when I return to Nigeria. As  I walk among the villages, your supplies will bring some comfort to the people in need. I welcome any suggestions and your prayers and will keep you updated as things unfold. I hold you all in my heart and prayers,

All my love-which is a portion of God's love,

                                    Ozioma of Igboland


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