Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

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September 13, 2009



Dearest Family and Friends,

In the next two e-mails you will receive from me, I will share a story to hopefully portray my experiences of the unnecessary and preventable suffering in my villages.  


“Past the seeker as he prayed, came the crippled and the beggar and the beaten.  And seeing them…he cried, “Great God, how is it that a loving creator can see such things and yet do nothing about them?”  God said, “I did something I made you.” 

                                                            Author Unknown









   Baby Ijeoma, which means "safe journey" in Igbo, was about eleven months old when I first met her.  Her mother was a young widow whose three year old son had died the year before of the same symptoms Ijeoma was exhibiting:  difficulty breathing, cough, fever, and diarrhea (symptoms that are not life threatening to us).  Her mother, holding a limp and almost lifeless baby, held out Ijeoma for me to hold.  With a look of helplessness and tears streaming down her cheeks she exclaimed that because she had no money to see a medical doctor, she had taken her baby to a traditional chemist for treatment and her baby was getting worse.  Together we trekked to the closest medical clinic (about a 30 minute walk) where Ijeoma was given IV fluids and medicine for malaria, parasite and typhoid fever.  

   Baby Ijeoma later died in the arms of her mother. Her death was a result of the contaminated water she consumed and her mother’s inability to afford medical treatment and medicine due to their poverty level.   Clean, safe drinking water and medicine would have spared Ijeoma's life. At the time of Baby Ijeoma's death, the only water source available to her mother was a contaminated stream.  Water borne diseases and malaria claim the lives of so many people in my villages; many who are children, like Ijeoma, under the age of five.


  I see this type of suffering as deplorable, yet preventable.  I am reaching out to you and asking you to join me in bringing "Hope and Wellness" to the poor, by sending a small donation so that when I return to Nigeria in November, I will have medicine and medical supplies to increase their quality of life.  I have already raised $1,950 and need a minimum of $5,000 to be able to partner with Medicines for Humanity.

  I have been told that I have made a difference in these villages, although this may be a true statement, my vision is broader.  As one person, I am limited…but with your support and prayers, instead of just making a difference, together...




Please send your donations now to:


Ozioma Hope for Wellness Corporation 

P.O. Box 2661

Attleboro Falls, MA 02763



Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


 All my love- which is a portion of God's love, 

 Ozioma of Igboland


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