Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation



April 13, 2007 


Dear family and friends,


   Thanks to Emeka, I am now able to send some pictures to you.  They somewhat depict the poverty and suffering I see here.   There are two pictures here of a young mother of two who is dying of metastatic breast cancer.  Her husband stopped working to care for her so there is no income.  She is suffering immensely, her chest is, as you see in the pictures, being eaten away from cancer and infection. Her left arm is edemetous beyond belief, ulcerated and gangrenous.  The odors of infection and decaying tissue emminate from her body. She cannot afford medical treatment and has been ill for 2 years.  She cannot get out of bed, is extremely weak, cannot eat due to pain.  If only you could see her eyes, you would be brought to tears, such a beautiful woman, so frail and emaciated.  No one should have to suffer, and die as she is. I will not explain the other pictures as they also speak for themselves.  I have to go for now, so this is a short but intense e-mail.  Pictures speak louder than words.  Thank you for your prayers, they are desperately needed.

With love,

All my love-which is a portion of God's love,

Ozioma of Igboland













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