Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation



July 23, 2009     


Dear Friends:


I have great news that I want to share with you instead of my usual newsletter!


The Ozioma Hope for Wellness Foundation has now achieved NGO status in Nigeria!


We are in the process of filing for 501(c) (3) status in the US (Massachusetts), which translates to non-profit status here.  We have secured the services of Medicines for Humanity who has offered us an incredible discount for medicine.  MFH will ship the medicine to Nigeria for us.  (Please see their website for additional information- www.medicinesforhumanity.org ).   I am encouraged with the work that has been accomplished so far (working with The Rotary Foundation with a water project), but another key component needed to directly impact the health of the people of Igboland is medicine. 


I now turn to you for possible help. 


In order to have medicine available to me when I return to Nigeria in late November, I need to raise a minimum of $5,000 by September 1 (less than forty days from now) so that the medicine can be purchased and shipped in time for my return.  This amount may seem daunting to you but I have already received $1,600 so I am very optimistic and pray that the additional monies will be raised among all of my friends and associates. 


I am currently taking pledges for financial commitments and once I have the money committed I will come back to you with the time frame in which I will need to collect it.  If it is easier, however, you can send your check immediately.  Since our 501 (c) (3) is in process at this time, your check will need to be made payable to another organization, Water is Life Inc. that I have partnered with to accept donations on our behalf.   However, please include on the memo lineOzioma, so that Water is Life Inc. will be able to recognize that the donation is for Ozioma Hope for Wellness Foundation.  This may sound confusing but I want to be able to offer you the tax deduction allowed by the IRS.  I ask you to e-mail me attttrn2006@yahoo.com with your pledges or the dollar amount sent to Water is Life , Inc. I will update you with the progress of the pledges and donations I receive.


Your check should be made payable to: 

Water is Life, Inc.

7402 N. Rockwell Street

Chicago, Illinois 60645


Please contact me directly if you have any questions.  You may also visit my website, that my son Gregory created, www.ozioma.org  Thank you for assisting me with my mission to help provide clean water for the people of Igboland, to offer medical treatment to the poor and make available education on preventative healthcare.   Most importantly, please continue to pray for our mission as I continue to pray for you.


All my love-which is a portion of God's love,

Teresa/Ozioma of Igboland


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