Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation



June 26, 2008


Blessings to all of you,


    I have been back in the US for about 1 1/2 months now and  I sit here contemplating the last few months. There was a deep sadness leaving to come back to the US and a joy to share in my daughter Anna's college graduation and to see my children, family and friends again.   Anna's graduation was wonderful  and I was blessed to be able to spend time alone with her for a few days after her graduation.  She has a bright future ahead of her and I am excited to see how her life unfolds.  I haven't had the joy of seeing my other 3 children yet because they all live in different states, and I need coordinate their schedules with mine.  I look forward to being with them again soon.   

    Before I  speak of life for me back in the US,  I  will bring you up to date in Nigeria, prior to my return to the US.  If you recall a burial committee had begun in January, in an effort to decrease the unnecessary financial stress on the poor after the death of a loved one. The burial  committee  formulated  ideas, which were brought before the parish council.   There upon,  burial guidelines  were established and approved by the Bishop of  our Diocese, Bishop Solomon Amanchukwu Amatu.  As of June 1, 2008 the guidelines were implemented with positive reactions from the people.

    A mission team (Mbano National Assembly) of medical Dr.'s, nurse's and volunteers  from the US, came to a hospital near my villages to provide free surgeries and medicine for the poor. I joined their team and worked with them for 3 days. The crowds of sick people, many of whom were children and elderly, waited for hours upon days under the hot sun, to see a Dr. and receive medicine or surgery. The mission team worked long hours bringing hope to myself and the people, that we had not been forgotten.  I am grateful for their efforts. I offered to be a part of their team when they return and look forward to their help again.

    Emmanuel is doing well and is caring for the wounds, in my absence.  He continues to be tutored by Julius.  We speak on occasion and the last time I talked with him he said he has a new wound on his leg, which is causing him concern.  He is taking an antibiotic now, and will watch the wound closely.

     Patricia, the 21 year old girl mentioned in my last newsletter passed away 6 days after my return to US.  It was a very painful experience for Patricia and I on our last day together, for we both knew we would not see each other again in this life..  Rightfully so, Patricia and her mother were devastated that I was leaving her.  It was  one of the most agonizing and heart wrenching moments in my life,  as I walked away that day.  Her eyes filled with sorrow and fear as tears streamed down her face, her body weak and so very thin.  Although, in the silence of my prayer, I left her into the care of  God,  it did not alleviate the felt sense  that  I was abandoning her.  How could it make any sense to her, that I was leaving as she was dying?  My heart aches even now as I write about her.

    Being back in the US,  with no home or car, is difficult but I am grateful for my sister Beth and her family for opening their home to me and those that have also invited me into their homes.  

    Shortly after I returned to the US, I attended a convention in Detroit, of the Ehime  World Congress Organization.  They are individuals whose roots are from  Ehime Mbano  (where my villages are), who live abroad and work towards improving the Ehime community.  They invited me to speak at their conference and included me in their weekend activities. It's always a pleasure for me to be with the Igbo people.  Their hospitality and love towards me, extends even here in the US.  They were dressed in their native attire  and playing their native music. which always brings a smile to my heart.   Surprisingly, there were people there that I had met in the villages in December when they were home visiting their relatives, and those whom I did not know, but knew of me.   

     I have been attending as many rotary meetings with the Westwood Rotary Club as my schedule allows, and will be presenting at two other rotary clubs in July.  Mike Razza, a Rotarian from the Westwood Club, has been instrumental with helping me make contacts for a water project and maintains contact with the rotary in Nigeria.  I am grateful for the time and effort he has put in.  I believe a water project will  eventually "flow" out from all his efforts. I continue to keep contact with the Rotary Club in Nigeria via e-mail, as "well".

   I am giving presentations to various organizations and  homes of individuals who have invited people to listen to my story.  Charles, the man from Nigeria that I met in the US last year, at morning mass,  has been very supportive and has arranged talks for me also.  I have made two more DVD's that I can send to anyone that is interested. 

   I am again looking into options of either opening a non-profit organization or to umbrella into an existing one.  Time will tell.


 "The synchronicity of events and people placed on my path throughout this journey,  I can only attribute to "Divine Intervention." 


  May your hearts be open and attuned to the "miracles" of  "synchronicity " in your own lives! 


When I  first met Father Paul and approached him stating I would like to do missionary work for about 3 months, in an area that has no help.  He looked at me, paused and with a soft, smile said... 

"3 months" ???  Ohh......   Now, I understand his response.


 Suffering and Death  

contributed by

  contaminated water, 

 compounded with an inability to receive proper medical care 

  continues to plaque the poor in my villages.  

A suffering that is unnecessary and unwarranted

 and through help,

can be stopped. 

 After living among these people,

 and witnessing their suffering,

 their relief

 has become my passion.  

A passion that is attainable through international compassion.  

Through the grace of God and hearts of love, 

I pray that...

 "my passion will become your passion!"



                     All my love-which is a portion of God's love,

                                                                     Ozioma of Igboland



A hurum gi n'anya (I Love You)

Chukwu Gozie Gi (God Bless You)




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