Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation

“Joy is not the absence of suffering. It is the presence of God” Robert Schuller

June 26, 2012

Blessings and thank all of you for your support and donations.  This newsletter will be a little different from my previous ones.  I will write my story through my pictures.  I have too much to write to you and if I begin, it will be very long.  I am so grateful for the gift of Christine and CJ as they came to offer their love - they are missed in the villages.  The web site company we were using for Ozioma folded so you will not have access to it for now.  I am in the process of developing a new one with someone who has offered to help.  When it is up I will let you know.  God Bless You all for the Joy you helped me spread.


All my love-which is a portion of God's love,

Ozioma of Igboland
        Ozioma Hope For Wellness Corporation
        P.O. Box 2661
        Attleboro Falls, MA  02763  


Finally the 20 foot container of medical equipment, supplied by MED WISH INTERNATIONAL, arrives safely around 4am on March 9, 2012. The medical equipment was distributed to five privately owned hospitals who I know very well. I want to thank MED WISH for all their efforts and patience as they worked fruitlessly in the process of sending the container. Thank you MED WISH from the bottom of all our hearts. You brought us much JOY!  

Village volunteers helping to unload the container  

Continuing to unload the supplies  

Unloading the beds  

The truck is empty and now it is time to move the equipment inside as we wanted to unload the truck as quickly as possible  

Gregory, one of the village people who cannot walk receives a beautiful wheelchair. Prior to receiving the wheelchair he would spend his days lying on a wooden slab cot outside. If he did need to get around (back inside or to the restroom , etc) he managed painfully to do so by sitting on the floor and using his arms (which have arthritis) to drag himself.  

Another recipient of the medical supplies. Dr Akakwam from Rosita Hospital who is receiving a labor and delivery table along with many other medical supplies. He operates a private hospital close to where I was residing 

One of the hospitals who recieved equipment. This is Dr. Emeka who operates a Traditional Bone healing hospital. Many of his patients are accident victims who can stay in the hospital for a long period of time. One of his patients who will receive a pair of crutches has been there for over a year. 

Nurses at Rosita hospital full of JOY to have the new labor and delivery bed  

Children receiving new clothes that were donated by several people.  One person graciously donated 4 suitcases of brand new clothes with the tags on them. 

Emmanuel figured out to line the children up and call them one by one. It was much easier to say the least.  Good thinking Emmanuel! 

More children receiving new clothes. I noticed that one of the children still wore the one old clothing he had every day. I asked his mother why he doesn’t wear his new clothes and she said “oh they are for Sunday only”  

Joseph, another villager around 28 years old who received a pair of crutches is learning how to use them. Joseph had been in a accident a year ago and each time I would see him prior to the crutches, he was either lying on the wooden cot outside his hut or he would walk small distance with two walking sticks - now I see him out and about!!!.  

Woman trying on eyeglasses for her first time. She approached me when she heard I was giving out reading glasses and stated “please Ozioma do you have glasses that will help me see the letters in my bible- I can’t read them anymore.” This is one pair of the many eyeglasses donated by Randolph Eye Associates in Randolph Massachusetts.  

As you can see the JOY on this woman’s face as she now can see and read clearly with her new eyeglasses.  

One of the families that received a mosquito net. Two hundred nets were distributed to families in need to help in the protection against Malaria. Many children die here in the villages due to untreated malaria. It was painful for me at times as I had to say no to any family that only had one child. I wanted to help as many people as I could with the number of mosquito nets I distributed.  

More JOY and more families receiving nets and preventative education on Malaria. It surprised me to find out that there were people that didn’t know how one contacted Malaria.  

An elderly woman walking back home (barefoot as you can see) wit her new cane. Prior to receiving her cane she used a stick from the farm.  

More families receiving nets. Also in the picture there are blue buckets. These buckets are made by Water Guard. The bucket is filled with dirty water and a capful of a water guard solution is added. The water sits for 30 minutes and then it is drinkable, so as to prevent water-borne diseases.  To my disappointment the Life Straw Company Vesterguard Frendsen whom I previously purchased the lifestraws were out of stock.  So I had to find another company. On reflecting after, it was a good thing they were out of stock because it meant people were buying them. 

More JOY and more mosquito nets being distributed  

and more  

We had just emptied this truck and were returning home. How would you like to drive on these roads- especially after a heavy rain! 

Another truck loaded. I was in this truck for about eight hours driving over muddy roads and ditches. The truck got stuck in the mud at one point and with each attempt we made to get it out, the wheel sank deeper into the mud. Just as we were discussing unloading the truck to make it lighter,- (No JOY in that thought ) villagers came  out of nowhere to our rescue (receiving a free mud bath in return) they pushed, dug, while placing wood and rocks under the wheels until, with shouts of JOY and laughter the wheels spun us out of the mud and we were on our way.  

A clinic being built by the villagers of Umuezealla, Abia State. They have run out of money so the clinic is at a stop for now. They have also received equipment. The nearest hospital’s for them to receive treatment is 1 1/2 hr drive and the next is a 3 hour drive. 

Offering a medical outreach education and screening in the unfinished clinic. More work needs to be done to finish the the clinic as you can see by the picture .  

One woman at the unfinished clinic receives crutches. during the outreach.This village is in desperate need of a well. The closet water source is a stream down a valley which took me more than 1 1/2 hours to get to. I lost my balance when I was just close to the bottom of the valley and went flying down. I was caught by one of the people. I was joyfilled as I was on my way into the stream with my camera and phones on me. I know that would have been a funny picture to send you with me sitting in the stream. I am awed at the way the people and children can walk it, barefoot with no problem.- not to mention carrying the buckets of water on their heads.  

Another truck being loaded with medical equipment.  

Emmanuel is attending school. Here he is with his acceptance file to attend a adult education program from a private school. He is living now with a friend of mine in Abia State and will begin at level SS 2 (second grade). If you recall Emmanuel stopped school at seven years old due to a machete accident he had while he was farming.  

Can’t you just see and feel his JOY. Just imagine, Emmanuel’s life stopped at seven years old as he couldn’t attend school due to his wound and he couldn’t help in the farms. He endured immense suffering over the last twenty one years of his life- and now there is JOY - TO GOD BE THE GLORY- how else could two individuals meet each other that lived countries apart. 

More JOY as Emmanuel is wearing shin guards that my nephew CJ gave him to protect the surgery sites on his legs from any small injury or scrape.
After seven surgeries he is recovering well. The wound has not come back. He also is a recipient of the medical equipment. He received a hospital bed and a dialysis chair so that he can elevate his leg while lying and sitting to help in the circulation of his blood. He loves his bed and chair (better then the matt he was sleeping on the floor with.) We will give the bed and chair to a hospital when he is no longer in need of them.  


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