Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

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Christmas Blessings, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year, "The Greatest gift you will ever receive will never be found under a Christmas tree. It is far too valuable to be stored in any other place, but in the depts of your heart." ~ Anonymous



December  26, 2012

"The Greatest gift you will ever receive will never be found under a Christmas tree. It is far too valuable to be stored in any other place, but in the depts of your heart." ~ Anonymous 

Christmas Blessings, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year, 

First, I want to acknowledge the pain and sorrow of all the recent victims of violence in Connecticut and China. All our hearts ache for them, and our prayers are with them. May the families and friends find some comfort at some time, knowing that they are angels in the arms of God, never to suffer again in this world. 

This will be a short e-mail as I know everyone is busy getting ready for Christmas and Hanukkah has just ended and you may be tired.  My trip has been delayed but will return to Nigeria sometime next year.

The well is finally working, after many roadblocks.  Emmanuel called me the other morning and said “mommy, thank you this time last year I was in for my seventh surgery and in so much pain. Today I have no pain and am in school learning to learn to read.”

Four large duffle bags, crutches, wheelchair, canes and walkers are being shipped to the villages.  I have been collecting donations of clothes and medical supplies throughout my limited time here as well as bringing awareness through presentations of the unnecessary suffering in my villages.  Thank you to all who donated.

This is the first Christmas I have been home since my mission began in Nigeria.  Such a contrast, it makes me sad that “we don’t have what they have.”

We say they are the less fortunate, are they?  We who have everything at our hands are always searching for more and better things, buying gifts for the sake of buying for the holiday.

Christmas in the villages of Nigeria is about the true meaning of    Christmas.  “Our Savoir is born.”

My Christmas gift to you is not one of materialism it is the gift of Jesus!   I give you the Gift to receive Eucharist, faith, hope, love of your neighbour, compassion, forgiveness, selflessness, kindness, peace, gratitude, holiness, love, time in quiet solitude, prayer, tears and joy. They are wrapped in the unconditional love of Jesus.”

Through the grace of God, I pray your heart will be open to them and receive them.

Peace, Shalom 
All my love - which is a portion of God's Love,

Ozioma of Igboland 


Celebrating Mass during Christmastime in the village.
A joyous event, that lasts 3-5 hours. Villagers celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with enthusiam. 



Thanks to generous doners, four large bags of supplies and donations, along with  wheelchairs, canes and walkers, are on their way to the village.

A villager spending time in prayer during Christmastime in Church. A common scene in my villages. 

The Creche in the back of the village church I worship in.  

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