Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Letters from Teresa/Ozioma

Ozioma Hope for Wellness USA Corporation



May 14, 2009


My dear family and friends,

  I had hoped to send this newsletter out in time to wish you all a Blessed Easter/Passover and here it is May 14th, be assured you were remembered in my prayers as always.

   I think of you often and miss you.  I hope all is "well" with you and your families. I apologize that I it has taken me so long to send out another newsletter.  The Internet has not been working “well” in the villages and I have been spending time in other states in Nigeria, which has made it difficult to e-mail you.  Also aol was difficult to open, so I am using my yahoo address.

    I arrived back to the US May 6th a little tired but grateful to God for arriving safe and sound.  As I peered out the window during the decent a” flood” of emotions “welled” up in my heart as I reflected over the past 6 months and in anticipation of seeing you all once again.  Tears of gratitude “streamed” from my eyes as I prayed, “Thank you God for blessing my life with the privilege of serving the poor.”  I yearn for you, dear family and friends, to share in and receive the blessings and joy, firsthand, that I receive and I invite you to come to Nigeria and share in my work.  I promise you, it will be a heartfelt and life changing experience.


    Emmanuel as you are aware from the short e-mail my sister Beth sent you, is home recovering from his second skin graft surgery.  Unfortunately there is one area of the graft that is not taking.  Emmanuel, once again, is confined to limited activity, so is unable to work, which affects his family’s income. I spoke with him recently on the phone and he informed me the graft site is getting worse.  Please keep him in your prayers.


   I attended as many rotary meetings as my schedule had allowed, monitoring the progress of the water project.  My desire was to have the water project launched before I left for the US, but to my disappointment it is still in process. One of the Rotarians is following through for me in my absence and is keeping me updated as to the progress via e-mail.  My hope is that this water project will be a catalyst for future water projects.

  God continues to place people on my path that share the same passion as I do, people with compassion for the poor and who want to make a difference in their lives.  It brings joy to my heart as we network together

   One such individual is Chief Dr. Ike Ibe, whom I met at the rotary meetings I have been attending in Uturu, Abia State.  Chief Ibe is a native of Uturu and from my observation works tirelessly to improve the lives of the people, bringing opportunities to help them break through the bonds of poverty, He has done     much to ease the suffering of the people in his village. He invited me to expand my mission to Uturu, and opened his home to me, providing me with food and transportation as needed. I am presently working with him on opening a hospital in Ututru. He has purchased an abandoned hospital building and the architectural plans for the hospital are complete.  Our goal is to ensure this hospital is better equipped and staffed with more qualified personnel than the substandard hospitals available to the people presently.

    We had met with two gentlemen from a medical relief organization from Illinois, which have agreed to partner with us in donating the hospital with some medical equipment.   I will be meeting with them in Illinois in the next few months. We are in need of Laboratory equipment donations, if anyone has any connections please contact me.

   I met with the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo State, Mr. Emma Ohakim, who assures me that I will receive support from the Governors Office with my mission.  We will maintain communication via e-mail, while I am in the US, as to how they can assist me upon my return to Nigeria.

   I have opened my own NGO (non profit organization) in Nigeria , “OZIOMA HOPE FOR WELLNESS FOUNDATION”, thanks to the love and sacrifice of two very special people in my life, Onyekachi Armadi and George Nwadike. The first board meeting took place on April 23rd.  The members of the board of directors are committed and willing to work hard to ensure that our NGO becomes fruitful. Their passion for the poor and less fortunate brings me great hope that God will provide through their efforts and thru the compassion of our donors.

   My mission has expanded to areas outside of my villages, which made my work more challenging.  I trekked the villages daily, offering blood pressure and diabetes screening/education; wound care; awareness and education on alcohol/drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, preventative health care education: and caring for the homebound and dying.  

   Water borne diseases, Malnutrition, Malaria, Typhoid Fever, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Infection, etc. continue to claim the lives of the villagers.  Treatable diseases turn deadly due to the inability of the poor to receive proper medical care and clean water.





     Touching lives

          Touching God




"Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me."

 (Matthew 25:40)





                                                             OZIOMA OF IGBOLAND


















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